quality of sony vx 1000 with media 100 LX

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When shooting with a Sony VX 1000, is there a significant or at least perceptible difference in output if material is digitized at a compression rate higher than 150 (which is the limit of the media 100 LX)? I have the LX, but don't like what I see when I master to VHS (I know VHS is crappy...but the original DV material always looks so great, and I'm always disappointed when I transfer to VHS). What about upgrading to the 5.0 media 100 and using the firewire? Would that output look better? Or upgrading to the XL system, and being able to digitize at 300 rather than 150? That might be cheaper than getting the 5.0 and firewire. I just wonder, given the fact that the Sony VX 1000 is a `prosumer' camera, is there a limit to the quality, resolution, etc. of the image anyway? I assume that were I shooting with a digibeta camera it would be worth upgrading to the XL, or the 5.0 with firewire, but the the VX1000? Any thoughts on this matter are welcome...

-- Nora Jacobson (nora.jacobson@valley.net), June 19, 1999


VX1000 limited by 1/4" ccds' - so it looks a wee bit softer next to a pro camera with a larger imager......

the other disadvantage is lack of back focus control due to the fixed lens.....


-- Ron S. Gull (rsgull@netscape.net), June 28, 1999.

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