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McNamara's Band Newsletter - June 18, 1999

It's less then 30 hours till the premiere of Billy's new weekly television show Beggars and Choosers!!! The show starts Saturday at 10 PM eastern on Showtime. Early reviews have been very positive..

Beggars and Choosers (Showtime, 10-11:30 p.m.): This is about television: the ratings, programming, competition. A fledgling network sees its popularity soar because of a Thoreau-esque series that's critical of consumerism. It's a scenario that pits the advertiser against the idealist. This new series is insightful and warmly funny, but there's some unnecessary nudity.

Don't forget to set your VCR !!!

Remember to join us in the chat room this Sunday for the announcement of the winner of Billy's Prize Package!!! If you haven't signed up yet there is still time do it now

We are in the process of changing over our E-mail addresses to the new domain. Please use or All other domains that we have used in the past will be phased out over the next couple of months.

There has been some confusion as to who is posting what on our chat board. Whenever someone who is officially contented with WMFC posts they will be using domain. I will be keeping an eye on the chat board and deleting anything that might be misleading. We are expecting increase traffic to our site with the premiere of Beggars and Choosers and appreciate the positive professional post from our members and visitors.

Thanks for all of the positive replies set into me about the Summer 99 Newsletter that was recently mailed to our members. I appreciate all of your well wishes as I know Billy does too. Enjoy Beggars and Choosers and see you all Sunday night.

Greg Keefe William McNamara Fan Club

-- Greg Keefe (, June 18, 1999

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