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Hey folks!

I have a great old quadra 650 non-ppc mac that still works perfectly, but lately it's having a good bit of trouble with the internet.

I'm running system 7.5.5, I've got 24 meg of ram, and I connect using "freeppp" over a 28.8 modem.

Not only has the web become almost unbearably slow on my poor mac, but it predictably crashes Netscape 4.04 within fifteen minutes of launching 3 out of 4 times (usually type one or three errors, if not a total freeze-up).

Anyone out there have any advice to tweak the mac or the program to run better? I've tried different settings of the memory allocation in the get info box, to no avail. Any chance of improving my speed on the net, or am I already overworking my mac's tiny little brain?

Thanks! Hope I can help someone out someday,


-- Eric Harris (, June 18, 1999


The type 1 error is probably due to a lack of memory. 24 meg is not much when you consider the system taking up anywhere from 5 to 10 meg on that system, with extensions and stuff. Then on top of that Netscape has to load information into memory, and juggle with virtual memory if it's enabled. Errors will occur most deffinitely.

The type 3 error is an illegal instruction error caused by the program attempting to perform a command that the computer is unaware of. This is commonly caused by corrupted software, and can also be caused by extension conflicts. Try removing the netscape preferences file (not the whole netscape prefs folder!) from the system folder, and run the app again. It will create a new prefs file. If things work out then that was the problem, if not...

Try reinstalling Netscape.

Good luck.

-- Andrew Vics, Jr. (, September 02, 1999.

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