What bugs did GC take advantage of in F1 Dream?!

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I've noticed a comment on the tournament page that GC took advantage of some bugs in his F1 Dream recording.

What bugs are we referring to here?!

Is that what made his tracks always dry or what allowed him to spin around the corners so easily without wiping out?!

Anyone care to elaborate on this one for me?!


-- beejay (bjohnstone@cardinal.co.nz), June 18, 1999


Well I'm the one accusing it, so I have to answer the question.

No, this does not have to do with him swerving around so easily, I can do that too, no this does not have to deal with dry tracks, it happens to me too.

The bugs I'm talking about began early in the mame 35 beta cycle in the F1 Dream bootleg. What would happen is many of his opponent's cars would swerve around all over the place, basically staying in one place, giving the player an EXTREME advantage. All you have to do is pit correctly, and you win, no problem. Why am I crying foul? German Krol could have recorded it before the mame 35 beta cycle. The bugs I talked about didn't exist back then. Maybe this is the more the reason why we should use finals if games are working by then. Why did these bugs come up during the 35 beta cycle? I do not know. Now I don't want to become enimies with German, I'm just telling things the way it is.

This is also the reason why I recorded a second F1 Dream original game, without the bugs. My first recording had all the bugs with the cars swerving around all over the place.

Thanks for reading my 87 cents worth.

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@geocities.com), June 18, 1999.

I thought about this more - and I have decided even though I don't like his racing antics, I don't like the way I accused him much more. Therefore, I'm going to credit German with TEN points - German got as many points in game play as I did with my original recording (18 for F3000, 72 for F1)

I also apologize to German for accusing the way I did, and hope that we can be friends.

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@geocities.com), June 18, 1999.

I was wondering why all the opposing cars never seemed to catch up to him at all when they catch up to me so easily. Also, how do you spin around the corners so quickly ?!

I take it then that 90's the maximum you can score on F1 Dream ?!


-- beejay (bjohnstone@cardinal.co.nz), June 18, 1999.

Well the only answer I can give you in the first question is to hit the correct steering button as fast as you can.

92 is the highest score you can get in F1 Dream. You can get 20 points in the F3000 series and 72 in the F1 Races... but that's VERY hard to do...

Both German and I both got 18 in the F3000 races, points which German Krol didn't count, and that's why he's given 10 points instead of 3 in the tournament to determine who's good...

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@geocities.com), June 19, 1999.

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