a neophyte seeks advice on bl & wh film and processing

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I am interested in experimenting with black and white.It's been years since I have used it and I will NOT be developing it myself.Any suggestions for a film to begin with for varied usages,ie.landscapes,architectural,portraiture?Also developing?Are ther any good mail in developers or should I depend on a local independent? My last roll of bl,&wh. came back with a terrible blue look. Thanks for any info and advice!

-- Mel Lazenby (jlazybe@lightspeed.net), June 17, 1999


I recommend T-Max 100 or Delta 100 for general work, and T-Max 400 if you need more speed. If you don't mind slow film, Ilford Pan F+ is wonderful stuff. For developing, I would recommend establishing a relationship with someone local, someone you can trust to give you reliable and consistent results.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edbuffaloe@earthlink.net), June 17, 1999.

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