What are you weird about?

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I could probably rearrange my room to give myself a little more space, but it would mean putting my bed against the wall.

I hate having my bed against the wall. I hate rolling over and smacking my knees into the wall. I hate having to reach down between the bed and the wall to get stuff that falls down there. I can't stand trying to make the bed when one side is against the wall.

What are you weird about?

-- never (never@mostly.com), June 16, 1999


The only time that I am truly comfortable is when I have my blanket around me. I love the warmth that it provides and yet it seems so light in weight. No other blanket can compare. If I didn't feel that the security of my blanket was threatened outside of my house (blanket theives everywhere) I wd. put it in my car and take it to friends house's.

Now the weird thing is is that I loath the color pink. Just thinking ab. it makes me gag. In fact, moments ago I went to use a pink highlighter but I cdn't make myself do it. And yet, the blanket that I'm currently rapped up in is...pink. It is bec. of this pink color that I NEVER take my blanket out of my house. Only true friends know about my blanket bec. the truth is is that I am ashamed of my beautiful blanket's color.

By the way, cool idea for a page. Keep up the questions.


-- Sue (subonfra@hotmail.com), June 17, 1999.

When I'm sitting at the computer, I hate it when people lean on the back of my chair. It's an office chair, so it tilts, and when anybody pushes on it, it bothers me.

Oddly, it doesn't bother me when the cats jump on the back of it. Go figure.

-- Ian the Terrible (ian@iantheterrible.com), June 17, 1999.

Weird about?

Mornings. I've got an unbreakable routine which consists of:

Wakey-wakey: 5:30am


& the rest: fish to eat, NPR, coffee, newspaper, departure

And god help the person who breaks into that routine with some new element or - horror of horrors - tries to start a conversation. They're dead. Not a single bolthole in hell would hide or protect them. Brrahhahahha!

-- Saly (gyn_spaceship@hotmail.com), June 17, 1999.

I'm weird about lots of stuff, which would probably explain my all- around strange nature.

People in general just annoy the shit out of me. There's a co-worker of mine who'll periodically come into my cube with the usual "What's goin' on?". I'll say "nothing" and he'll stand there. I'll turn my back and try to look busy (which I usually am) and he'll continue standing there.

I'm weird about hands too. I love looking at people's hands and nails. (Fetish alert!) I couldn't date a guy that had bitten down fingernails - eww.

-- Tamara (tamthor@beckett.com), June 17, 1999.

The shower curtain. It must always be open (except when I'm showering, of course). If I'm brushing my teeth, combing my hair, or spending some quality time on the throne, the shower curtain must be open. It was an idiosyncrasy I had come to accept about myself but one that only infuriated my girlfriend to the point that she threatened to use my toothbrush to clean the mold off of the curtain the next time she discovered that I had opened it. It seemed that mold gathered more quickly on an open curtain than on a closed one and since I was a male and thus mold-blind I did not know that little fact. Currently, I have agreed to compromise with my long time live-in mate while also holding true to my weirdness. Everytime I go into the bathroom, the first thing I do is open the shower curtain and the last thing I do before I leave is close it. That way I get to still feel like I won without also having to buy a new toothbrush every week.

-- Bradley (StarJacked@Inetone.net), June 18, 1999.

I won't drive in Virginia.

I can't stand popiscles because of the wooden stick in their middle (even thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies).

I'm 33 and I still can't pass a bubblegum machine without getting something out of it.

I hum loudly and atonally when I'm nervous or anxious.

That's not all. Just all I'm going to mention in public. :)

-- Moira (moira@diarist.net), June 19, 1999.


Popsicle sticks.

I cannot stand the icy fruit type popsicles, because the stick sneaks up on you and I do not want my teeth to touch the stick.

Ice cream bars I'll do, because I'm more interested on the outside part than the inside anyway, but I'd still rather have an ice cream sandwich or a Drumstick or something.

In fact, I fell quite seriously off the wagon and had a Butterfinger ice cream bar today, which then caused a headache, a 2-hour nightmare-ridden nap, and now I hurt all over. And it wasn't even all that good.

But I still didn't go near the stick.

-- never (never@lowandslow.com), June 19, 1999.

I have to read books straight through the minute i read the first sentence.I spend half a day reading a book if i have to,i can't stand doing something in between.

I can't close my eyes in the shower.I have a giant fear of someone standing in front of me when i open my eyes,and i can't make noise because the shower is so loud.

I can't not remember something.Like a memory or a music lyric.I search my mind for hours just trying to remember things or i'll never be satisfied.I hope there won't be a day where i can't remember something..I'll probably go insane.

Okay,okay i'm a psycho!I can't help it!

-- Ashly (Ashly311@aol.com), November 28, 1999.

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