Time limit to paying back after repossession ???

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This question has probably cropped up previously, I have requested from my ex-broker, the exact date that my flat was repossessed through the courts, they seem to be avoiding the request ignoring all correspondence. IS IT TRUE THAT AFTER 6-7 YEARS, THE DEBT BECOMES NULL AND VOID, BY LAW ???? ALSO they used the endowment to pay off some of the loan, WITHOUT my written permission, have they the right ????? LENDER = HMC.


-- John Lawless (lawlessj@ms.com), June 16, 1999


We've published everything we currently have on this issue in the Your Rights section of the Repossession section. If you find out more, we'd love to know.

-- Lee (repossession@bigfoot.com), June 25, 1999.

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