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Ive alway's said,WHO CARES!! I would be FLATTERED! IF BOTH SEX'S LOVED ME! But let's move on and stop this isim, Just less than 15 yr's ago the GREAT ROCK HUDSON was blackballed! and remember the famous KISS! That's why now I BEG FOR THIS TALK ABOUT BILLY 2move in a direction of his talent. ROCK got so much flack for his personal life, and how sad that a man like ROCK HUDSON who brought male beauty onto the screen died of an illiness that is still a social fear,NO FEAR HERE! But in protecting a reputation in a time when a person is so public,like BILLY McNAMARA it's important to respect his private life. My GOD the man has worked his whole life around allowing enjoyment for you and me, that It's time to talk about the good,!and his giving us joy. Yeah Let It REST!!!!!!!!!! again,THE GREATEST FAN, GREG3851@aol.com

-- GREG McGEE (GREG3851@aol.com), June 15, 1999

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