XL1-On camera lighting

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I have been trying to find a light that will mount on the XL-1 for documentary shooting that is stronger than the low wattage Canon-made accessory light. I am looking for something that won't require me to lug around a big battery pack as well.

-- Bryan McLellan (bmcl@sprynet.com), June 15, 1999


Here at my company, we are using the cool-lux mini lights. They can bang out a lot of power but they do have to be used with a battery pack. We use the NEG belts which are lightweight, they also make a portable pack that can be used. One thing that you have to pay really close attention to is the fact that these lights pull a lot of juice - so you can load yourself up with 5-8 fatty batteries or use the belt and have both cigarette adapter and xlr so that you have some back up power for your

-- sean budway (sean@loadmedia.com), June 21, 1999.

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