Why haven't they "repossessed" ??

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In Jan 1998, the Woolwich won a repossession order on my property. Thinking that there was nothing I could then do (I live abroad) I waited for my solicitors to let me know the outcome of the sale etc.

5 months later my solicitors informed me that despite the repossession order the Woolwich had taken no action and that it may be a good idea to attempt to sell the property. I was led to believe that this was the right thing to do as the sale of the property could possibly cover both my mortgage arrears and a sum of money owing to the Managing Agents (this latter dispute ongoing since 1990).

Thinking that I might as well try I went along with this plan of action still assuming that any day the Woolwich would execute the possession order.

After several failed attempts at selling at the necessary price I have just been told by my solicitors( in June1999) that they have managed to "postpone the possession order for a further 28 days" in order to attempt a sale at a new price.

I have many questions regarding the whole business but the main questions are 1 )Why is the amount that the Woolwich claim I owe them going up on a monthly basis when I thought they had won a possession order 18 months ago? (the total I owe having gone up by approx 25,000 pounds since Jan 1998 !!) 2) How can my solicitors get a postponement without me asking for it.

Does anyone out there know the answers to these question or is anyone able to point me in the right direction PLEASE ??

-- Clive English (clive.english@eds.com), June 15, 1999

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