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Hello I'm using the Dazzle DVC, and can create mpeg video files. The trouble is when I try to burn them (with Easy Video Creator) it gives me an error saying they are of an invalid file format. Can anyone help me out? Is there a program that will transform these files into the valid file format? The videos play fine in Windows, just aren't accepted in the burning software. Thanks in advance Rob

-- Rob (, June 14, 1999



Just E-Mail me for more information (I must leave now!)


-- Diego Esteban Perez (, June 15, 1999.

The problem with the Easy Video Creator is it puts the DAT files in the segment folder!

-- (, June 17, 1999.

Rob, I have similar set up as you do but I'm currently facing different type of problem in the process of producing VCD. Maybe we can exchange some knowledge to figure out a workable solution.

First of all, for your problem, 1. Did you preset your video template in the DVC to 'VCD' before capturing the video? If you didn't, your previous efforts maybe wasted.

2. Next, start up DVC, highlight one of the video clips you had captured, right click to see its property. If the input video bit rate is not 115000 bits/sec, your mpeg file will not be recognised by the burner as a valid VCD format file.

For me, I problem occur when the VCD is produced. Sometime it can't be recognised by some commercial VCD or DVD Players. If you don't encounter such kind of problem with your production, please let me know your configuration.

Good luck for now!

-- hocksiong (, June 21, 1999.

You must use Easy CD Creator 3.5 b Try to use Easy CD Creator 3.0 or 3.11 the problem didn't recognize the format will gone

About the segment directory : If you have dat/mpg file <1.7 MB it will be store to segment directory So you must have dat/mpg file >1.7 MB and it wiil be store to mpegav directory

-- Tan (, June 24, 1999.

I know the problem. ULEAD studio v3.0 will work fine and you can also use DVMPEG http:/ for demo version

-- Ab Mantel (, July 11, 1999.

Hello I'm using the Snzzle, and it is with iFilmEdit1.4. In my side, when I record the video by Snzzle, I need to select the video format in the setup and choice SIF. Then you can use iFilmEdit1.4 to check the file is correct or not. In iFilmEdit1.4, you select the mpeg file and then you setup the output is video quanility or something like that. You can try to record the mpeg file again. If it can be done, your file can be became a VCD file by Adaptec EZ Creator.


-- Ian Wong (, January 27, 2000.

I bought the Dazzle DVC USB video creator and was lucky enough to return it before it was too late. If you want to make Video Cd's with it you have to capture the video using the right template. The video quality is poor ans as far as I was concerned is unwatchable. I returned it and spent the money to get a Broadway Pro 4.0. Great video with very artifacts in fast changing scenes. I made a Video Cd last night of a music video we had made of a friends band and it is as good as the original VHS tape. I noticed some very slight artifacts. When I used the Dazzle I couldn't stand to watch the results. The Broadway can be bought for around $720. I almost bought a Vitec RT-6 but I couldn't find enough info on it and the Broadway sounded better. The Vitec is a little bit cheaper. I also hear the MPEGATOR is very good but a little more pricy

-- Al McCraw (, January 27, 2000.

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