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I am a young Filmmaker shooting a feature film(using the Canon XL-1), starting at the end of the summer. Right now the "money" is hashing out what ideas they like the best. The treatments range from sci-fi to a kid show parody. I have been hired to shoot/help coordinate production. I have worked with Film, not video. I have gotten many opinions on the following questions, but I still am undecided because I know what equipment I like to use for Film, but video seems(after listening to a few opinions)is another thing. I would appreciate a list of recommendations for the following equipment needs. Priority is "bang for the buck". (Keep the fact I'm shooting with the Canon XL-1 in the back of your head) 1.Lighting kits(I need versatility)) 2. Mics and Mic adaptors(wireless/clarity) 3. DV tapes 4. Favorite filters 5. Is it worth it to get the Canon 3X Wide Angle Lens? 6.Any pointers? They are much appreciated....Thank You

-- Paul Colsey (, June 14, 1999


Use a small lighting package: 1 K, a couple of 650's. And for sound, any shotgun mic with a boom will do. It's fairly easy. And give me a call, because I rent out any equipment you may need for the best rates in town. (310)998-1989

-- Jeremy Saville (, June 16, 1999.

One thing to remember is that the script must be ready before you shoot you "film" Three months might not be enough time to get a script ready for shooting.

For audio I would use a shotgun condenser mic going to some small mixer with RCA outs. Plug those into the back of the XL1. If you have another mixer for the boom operator that would be even better. Make sure that all of your stuff is calibrated to the same decibel level. a 1k tone is great for that.

Call Naomi at Full compass for DV tapes. She'll hook ya up for about $7.95 for 60min Panasonics.

-- Thomas Koch (, June 21, 1999.

1. Lowell kit if you can afford it - 2 Totas and 2 Omnis with umbrellas and stands, along with a couple of Flexfill collapsible reflectors will get you through ANYTHING short of a "full studio" shoot....... 2. Look into renting a good shotgun mic if you're doing location shooting - cheap shotguns JUST AIN'T WORTH THE HEARTACHE, and good ones cost $1000 and up.....but I HAVE had good luck with the Azden WMS-PRO wireless lavalier system (around $200; they also have a two-channel receiver that lets you use two separate mics, I've only used the single-channel unit and it worked fine), if the XL-1 has XLR mic inputs, you'll need an adapter ($10) but if it's got a mini-jack mic in, you're already set up. Make sure you've got plenty of 9V batteries for the transmitter and receiver when you're on location. 3. no comment other than I use Sonys.... 4. no comment 5. ANY wideangle is worth its weight in gold as long as it's free of noticeable aberrations (distortions). Wideangles cause "barrel hoop" distortions; what I mean here are little odd swirls in the viewing area - I've gotten a couple of cheap wideangle "adapter" lenses that had them. Good only if you want a "trippy" point-of-view. A wide-angle lens is a MUST for shooting in average buildings instead of purpose-built sets.....


-- Ron S. Gull (, June 28, 1999.

i'm doing the same thing, one thing you may want to look into is an optex len, it fit's on the canon xl-1. It will let you pull focus, it is a must for the canon when shooting a feature . The canon iris adjust in incremental whereas the optex iris ring is full range and allows you to set very accurate settings.( light meter needed) no auto focus, no internal nd filter, and no stabilzer. this lens is a must , problem is it costs $1700. but if you have a dolly crane or alot of depth in your film, think about it. good luck with your film , anything i can help you with feel free to ask.. IRISH ROSE FILMS INC. DAVID MCLOUGHLIN..........

-- david mcloughlin (, August 09, 1999.

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