Was Minox Copy stand made in English not Metric

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I often see the copy stand available in Metric measurements where the legs have metric markings to match the camera. Was the copy stand made with English (inches) markings?

-- Kenneth Edelstein (kene@pobox.com), June 14, 1999


My chrome & black copy stand has 8", 10", 12" etc notches.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), June 15, 1999.

the copy stand was once made in both English (American customary) units and metric units. For at least the last few years no stands have been made in English units.

-- peter zimmerman (peterz@erols.com), November 13, 1999.

The measuring chain on the cameras matches the dial on the camera and the copy stand notches. My original BL (1972) was in feet as no metric cameras where imported into the UK. Minox changed the dial and calibration for me and swapped the chains (I had a separate chain without a case). Since then I buy from Germany as I am un-willing to have a 1GBP=1DMK.

-- Gerald McMullon (gerald@mcmullon.com), October 16, 2000.

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