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Hi, everybody. Can anyone recommend some software/hardware that they think I should get to set up a network between my Windows NT machines and my Mac G3? I currently have a 3Com network card in my NT machine and the Mac G3 has a built in network card. I'm confused as to what I need to do to make these computers pass data back and forth.

In short, I have a video capture board on my Mac and I'd like to capture video through it and then pass that video file to my NT machine to work with in 3D Studio Max, for example.

Thanks for any help.

Best, Mike Dichirico

-- Mike Dichirico (, June 13, 1999


On PC are you running NT Server or workstation? If workstation, try Miramars PC maclan connect for NT (about $79.00 if Server then go to start/programs/server? macservices, This will allow you to see PC in chooser

PC MacLan connect will allow you see Mac on PC through Entire Network Window (comes up as Miramar network)

-- chris mensing (, October 06, 1999.

I had my Macs and PCs networked for a period. I used Dave in my Macs. HOwever I had some problems with it. Each time I started up the Mac, Dave woould switch on the modem and connect to the internet. I was using MacOS8.6 at the time and Windows 95 in one PC and 98 in another one. Now I am quite weary of installind Dave again. Especially because I have Mac OS9 on the computer that is even worse than the previous system.

-- Anabela Pinto (, February 11, 2000.

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