6/11/99 episode

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I taped the 6/10/99 episode but my VCR stopped recording just before it ended! I left off as Carol Hathaway is getting out of the tub; it appeared someone was in her apt. Can anyone tell me what happened?

Thanks so much, Vicky Campagna

-- Vicky Campagna (drvicky@pacbell.net), June 13, 1999


Here ya go, Vicky: If Carol was talking on the phone in said scene, then the person in her apartment was Doug. In a cleverly staged bit of dialogue, Doug called Carol at home while she was in a bubblebath, asking her if he had left some hospital files there which he needed. She offered to get them for him, but then the camera panned out to the bathroom door showing Doug on a cordless phone, telling her not to move because she looked so comfortable. He then slips into the bath with her, fully clothed, at the fadeout. Quite sexy.

-- Chris A. (MCA1962@aol.com), June 21, 1999.

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