P&N box cars

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Does anyone know the disposition of the 10 fifty foot box cars of the Piedmont & Northern which were the only rolling stock of P&N at the time of its aquisition by SCL. Who is the builder etc. ? Thanks Jimmy

-- Jimmy Lewis (jlewis@skantech.net), June 11, 1999


I have a soft slide of one of the P&N cars at Spruce Pine, NC in Jul of 69. About the only thing you can make out on the car is the road name to the left of the door, in a style similar to the N&W , and HYDRAFRAME 40-CUSHIONED to the right of the door. The shot is so poor that you can't even lift the road number! But, it's the only shot of these cars I've seen.

-- Russell Underwood (Jay611@home.com), November 13, 1999.

Jimmy, I have the SCL condensed roster of equipment dated June 30,1978 and it shows they became SCL740500-740509 built 1966. They were leased from -U.S. Railway Equipment CO.- Matures 09/12/80

-- Stan Jackowski (stanjack@gte.net), June 15, 1999.

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