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Hi again, thanks for the last answer about rowcount.

I have to import some data from an Access97 database into a SQL 6.5 database.

the tables are simple for example: Township Code District

Scugog Twp 0 Ontario County Brock Twp 0 Ontario County Uxbridge Twp 0 Ontario County Whitby Twp 0 Ontario County Pickering Twp 0 Ontario County Scott Twp 0 Ontario County Thorah Twp 0 Ontario County Reach Twp 0 Ontario County Pickerel Twp 1 Kenora District Ponsford Twp 1 Kenora District

etc. for a few thousand rows . I looked at the bcp documentation. It seems to be about pulling in data from flat files. Is there a way to import the data into a SQL table or can I use Access to put the data into a linked SQL Server table? I am not too savvy with Access.

Thank you Paul

-- Anonymous, June 11, 1999



There are couple of ways you can do this, as far. Here is one simple way.

Go to ACCESS and do a Save As/Export... to ASCII Text format (which is a flat file). From then, you know the BCP..'ing to SQL Server.

The only catch is if you have some funny special characters in your Access database, the conversion and BCP ing will not reproduce data properly. But in your case, you dont have to worry as your data seemed pretty st. forward and simple.

*** Note to the group: if I am wrong, please let me know.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 1999


You will want to try the Access 97 upsizing wizard. This allows you to put your Access 97 data into a SQL Server database (any version). You will first need to create a new SQL Server database to receive the data.

You can read about the upsizing wizard at On that page there is a link for downloading it. (You may have to try the links several times. Tonight they were flakey, but I did finally get through.) I have used this upsizing wizard successfully before.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, June 13, 1999

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