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I am in full-time employment but hit a bad patch a year or so ago. As soon as I realised that I was in difficulty I contacted the Consumer Credit Counselling Service and placed all of my creditors on a Debt Management Plan (DMP). This solution allowed me to pay all of my creditors at a realistic rate. However, the Royal Bank of Sotland got greedy and wanted 4 times what they were allocated under the DMP, when I was unable to meet with this request, they succeeded in gaining an Open Decree against me (equivalent to CCJ). I now find myself getting back on my feet and have successfuly removed several of my creditors from the DMP and have began regular payments to them. Additionally, I attended court last month and agreed that I was now in a position to pay the Royal Bank at the rate they had requested, this has been implemented too.

I now find myself in a completely impossible position, i.e. I would like to re-mortgage to reduce my outgoings further to enable me to repay the CCJ quicker, but because of the CCJ I cannot do this. It is so frustrating.

I feel so betrayed by the Bank as it was their fault that I ended up in this situation in the first place. I went to them asking for their help to re-organise my finances and their solution was to provide me with more debt. It was clear at the time of granting the loan that I would reach saturation point and be unable to re-pay the loan. It is also worth noting that I had been a customer of theirs for the best part of 18 years and had NEVER defaulted on anything in my life EVER!!! They continue to prevent me from getting myself ahead of the game due to the action they have taken.

My question is (finally), Is there anything that I can do whilst I still have this Decree against me? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

The Royal Bank of Scotland are not a nice organisation to do business with - take my advice and do not go anywhere near them.

-- Alison Macleod (, June 11, 1999


I'm not qualified to answer this question I'm afraid. I think your local Citizen's Advice Bureau may have access to people with more expert knowledge.

I do think it would be good, if you get an answer, to post it back here as we could all do with knowing.

Good luck,


-- Lee (, June 14, 1999.

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