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We have an elevator location to a new construction that requires a 10 feet maximum overhead from finished floor. The hydraulic elevator is located inside the exterior wall and spans merely two floors. The problem is that the smallest overhead we can find is 12 feet. This is not compatiple with the hip roof above. Is there a solution or is 12 feet standard minimum? Thanks...CMAS

-- Chris Santoli (, June 11, 1999


Overhead is governed by the applicable Codes. The required clearance is typically measured fom the top of the car and/or the crosshead. So you begin with the height of the cab. Most 'standard' cabs are about 8' high and wouldn't work with 10' overhead. If you have a 'short'enough car, it just might work, In one case I was involved with,we put the crosshead inside the cab; in that instance the required clearance was 2'- 6" plus the top overavel (3" in that case) above the car top. Since the car top was at 7'- 6", it fit within the available overhead of 10'-4" (10'-3" being the actual required minimum).THIS IS NOT TO SAY THESE FIGURES APPLY IN YOUR CASE, BUT JUST TO GIVE YOU THE IDEA!

-- John E. Brannon (, June 13, 1999.

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