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Hi!!! I'm Gallo from Brasil!!!

I'd like to know if it's possible to make a database for the S-Mart offline. I have a database with up to 30.000 itens. I just can't make it on line. Does it have a way to make it?!?

Please, I'm not sleeping with this problem!!!

Thanks for all!!

-- Alexandre Gallo (, June 11, 1999


I sell all items that are one of a kind, so I need to maintain my database off-line as well, since it constantly changes.

I keep my database of items in an Excel spreadsheet. I wrote a Visual Basic macro that creates the piped database file for me. The macro first checks to see if the item is sold. If "not sold" then it writes one line of data to a text file that contains the data and the proper piped formatting. This is very easy, as only one line of formatting needs to be edited in the loop that writes the file.

I then have another macro that calls FTP with an FTP script and uploads the new database file to my server without ever leaving Excel. It's great.

I'm sure you can use the same kind of macro (or internal subroutine) in any database program that you are using to maintain your data.

I am just switching over to a new server and getting S-Mart working, but you can see the method at work at my current site. This site does not use S-mart, but it does use this method to write an HTML file from the data that is one big form. (the frame at the right of the screen)

Good Luck

Roy Lingen

-- Roy Lingen (, June 21, 1999.

I created a highly functional backend for S-Mart in Filemaker. I plan to bring it to life and release my filemaker pro 4.0 file to anyone who wants it. Drop me a line and I will give you a url.

-- John (, August 09, 2000.

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