Engine No. 1620 Glass Plate Negatives

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I have 4x5 glass plate negatives with a note stating they are of Engine No. 1620 known as Old Maud. The note states it was the first one to roll over the then Atlanta Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad which later became the Atlanta Birmingham and Coast Railroad. Which is now the Atlantic Coast Line. I can't find any listings for any of this information on any of the above. Does anyone know anything? Would the plates be of interest to anyone? Thanks for your help.

-- Syndi Phillips (syndi@mindspring.com), June 10, 1999


Most shop goats were named "Maude". However, 1620 should give it away. I don't know the number of the unit at the Museum. I worked at Peagram shop, after the steam days, however. The plates would be of interest to me, definitely! There were diesels, known as "Christine". Although diesels did not have the personality of steam engines.

Would appreciate your reply!

-- Cecil T Catchings, II (elderbo@lycos.com), January 31, 2005.

The engine known as "Maude" that is at the museum in Duluth is a Southern engine, road #1509. Built in 1879, she was the oldest engine on the Southern roster when taken out of service in 1950. "Maude" was the Peagram Shops (Atlanta) switcher, used for moving dead engines around the Peagram Shops complex. The story I heard from a veteran Southern employee is that "Maude" was preserved because the men who worked in Peagram Shops threatened to walk off the job if she was scrapped. Southern figured a wildcat strike in Peagram Shops would cost them more than the little 0-4-4 was worth for scrap. "Maude" was displayed at Southeastern Fairgrounds along with A&WP 290 for years before she went to the museum at Duluth.

-- Lamar Wadsworth (LW.Sou.Ry.steam@juno.com), November 30, 1999.

call the museum duluth,ga and check w/them. i believe they have an old engine there named old maud that is in pieces.

-- tomwilson (rwi1826804@aol.com), November 24, 1999.

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