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I am investigating the use of S-Mart for my site which sells all unique items, and is managed via a database. So far it seems to be exactly what I need, except for one detail I can't quite work out.

My site is organized in frames. I show a list of stock (which will be the result of a search with S-Mart) in a narrow frame on the left of the screen. When the appropriate link is clicked, a picture of the item appears in the larger frame on the right. So far, no problem. I intend to use "$useredirect=1" after an add command which will leave the focus back on the list in the left frame.

Here is my problem: I want the results of a "review items in cart" command (which will be initiated from the left frame)to come up in the large frame on the right, and not to displace the list on the left. Is there a command, similar to the HTML "Target= " tag that will allow me to direct the results of a command to a particular frame?

To see the structure I am describing, please visit my site at:

Note that it does not currently use S-Mart. I am currently turning my entire list of stock into a "mailto:" form with checkboxes. Works ok, except behind some interfaces and the fact that I have reached a practical limit in the number of items I can make one buyer scroll through.

Any and all help from this obviously helpful community will be greatly appreciated.

-- Roy Lingen (, June 09, 1999

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