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Please, I precise to know as to do to work with sub-groups. For example: Group: Hardware Sub-groups: Monitor, Mouse, etc. Group: Vegetables Sub-groups: lettuce, cabbage, etc.

-- Ana Paula Prado (, June 08, 1999



If you do not have a lot of main groups you can set up your sub-groups like this.

Start with a main page listing all your main groups with links to your main group pages. Hardware goto "hardware.cgi" Vegetables goto "vegetable.cgi"

Then you would have to make groups from as many "s-mart.cgi" files as you need. Rename the group files "hardware.cgi" "vegetable.cgi". You will have to rename "s-mart.cfg" to "hardware.cfg" "vegetable.cfg" and change the settings to work with each group. Also rename the "demo.db" to "hardware.db" "vegetable.db" and place the item information in each.

The main page will go to the group search page and from there you can use the drop down box for your sub-groups or search by item just in that group or list all items will be just in that group.

If you would like a different "demoheader.html" and "demofooter.html" for each group you can do that. With the different ".cfg" files it will call a different one or use the same.

If you need help to set this up let me know.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 24, 1999.

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