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I just moved to the Rally area and would like to find some rave parties.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 1999


dude, it's RALEIGH. don't be fooled by the party flyers...it's not spelled RALLY or RALIEGH....it's RALEIGH. now that we have that out of the way, you should check out a party called HOME thrown by my friend craig. it's july 10th in greensboro at a club called the palms. craig is spinning along with michael love sky and charlotte the baroness from SF. 10 bucks. usually a great vibe at craig's parties. check it out. peace , gabe

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1999

just wanted to remind you about Fourever. Yeah, you know one of the most hype parties due to hit NC this summer. DJ's for the evening will include... _____________________________________________ David Hollands - NYC, NY - [Minimal Wage, Satellite, Sm e] First NC appearance in 2 years! Without a doubt, David is considered a founding member of the Techno / Rave community. With numberous 12"s to his credit he's headlined parties all over the globe. Experience the Tech-flavored groove that can be heard only when David takes to the decks.

James Fusion - Hartford, CT - [ECW Recordings, Energee Music Group, Solo Dojo] The undisputed master of hard acid trance makes his long awaited return to the Triangle. With over 10 mixtapes out and 2 records released under his own label Elm City Wax, James Fusion's refined sound consistently rockes the party.

Freaky Flow - Toronto, Canada - [Stickman Records, Placebo Records] One of Canada's finest. Freaky regularly headlines events in Canada and the Northeast with J-Smooth and the Vinyl Syndicate. This is his North Carolina debut.

Dread (Junglist treat!)- St. Petersburg, FL - [Strictly Underground U.S., Stateside Collective] Dread's Slam'n Funky Jump-up and Ragga sound has been rocking parties up and down the East coast for years. This is Dread's first trip to NC as well.

Visitor - NYC, NY - [Euphoric Productions] LIVE PA! First ever Southeast appearance. This master of electro- breakbeat funk has opened for the likes of Frontline Assembly and Not Breathing. His otherworldly presence and galactic samples will blow your head clean off.

Shade - Raleigh, NC - [Wax Museum, Sonic Boom, Wax Worx]

Merlin - Orlando, FL / Greenville, NC - [Wax Museum, Sonic Boom]

Tha Ill Crackah - Charlotte, NC - [Drop Click, Solo Dojo]

Snack - Raleigh, NC - [Sonic Boom, Solo Dojo, WKNC 88.1FM]

Dave Gibson - Charlotte, NC - [Carolina Soul System, Mythos]

Joe Sweeney - Charlotte, NC - [Mixer Magazine, Solo Dojo]

Dan McCarley - Raleigh, NC - [Sonic Boom]

Guile - Raleigh, NC - [Sonic Boom, Wax Worx] ____________________________________________

Place: Palace, Durham, NC Time: 10pm - ???(whenever) When: July 23rd 1999...yep its a friday age: all...bring the kiddies cost: only 20 fucking dollars!!!

Note: I am not a money hungry promoter just a young jungle-loving kid trying to spread the word about probaly the phattest party of the summer (in NC). And if Freaky Flow is gonna be there...you know.

-- Anonymous, June 21, 1999

Anyone know of any raves going on mainly in July/August...heck anytime...in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greenville area. New "raver"...and aching to go. Also...are the raves of mixed "orientation"...just got into the "biscuit" scene...and most of my pals are either gay/bisexual both girls and guys...wanna go to a "real" rave instead of small private parties and just wondering what the "real" scene is like......send me email ... hillts3@hotmail.com

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2000

If you guys want to check out a well put together Rave community, check out www.loungex.com. Its the Vangroover scene, itz one sick community!

-Floor Matt

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2000

Hey I just found this thread on a random search on Google and wanted to say thanks! "Fourever" was my company's (Solo Productions/Solo Dojo) 4 year anniversary event and it was GREAT! For pictures, as well as photos of our most recent event, Lucky 7s, the 7 year anniversary, please go to www.solodojo.com. I just moved to London, so you won't see me in Raleigh anytime soon, but all my closest friends are there so if you go to visit, tell them Jen Solo says Hey!

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

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