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I have on by credit file from experian, a connection/linked address to two other other addresses that I have never lived at. (One was my mum and the other my sister) both of which have never lived at my current address.

I asked equifax to remove the info, but they said that I need to contact the lender who entered the info (GE Capital)

I have written a letter to them, but have not received a reply after 30 days +.

Can somebody advise of where I stand. Surely if equifax hold data on me , they should be responsible for it ? It jsut seems they are passing the buck ?

Thanks in advance


-- Scott Gaish (scott@hanham.demon.co.uk), June 07, 1999


You must complain to the Data Protection Registrar. Details are in the Who Helps? | Free help section.

Companies have 40 days to reply by the way.

Hope this helps.


-- Lee (repossession@bigfoot.com), June 07, 1999.

Does your mum and/or sister have store cards with GE Capital? They keep a note of family connections and a comprehensive history of account holder details - if your mum/sister/other relative has a card and their database picks up a connection, they will note this and update records with experian. They are also dreadful when it comes to responding to letters, especially if your letter requires a personal reply and not a 'form' letter - I know I used to work for them!!! If you want to send a second letter about your query, write to their Leeds office as this is where their Data Protection lady works - GE Capital GCF UK, Trent House, Torre Road, Leeds, LS99 2BD.

-- Pendle (denise@amun-ra.demon.co.uk), June 08, 1999.

thanks, unbelievably they responded this morning, via a solicitor. Basically they said that as my Notice of dissociation only stated the initial and not the full first name, it was still showing. They also said that they would amend the records on my behalf. Quite amazing

thanks again


-- Scott (scott@hanham.demon.co.uk), June 08, 1999.

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