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Over the past few days, certain individuals have emailed me concerning the William McNamara sex. preference frenzy. First of all, I really don't care. I have been a fan of his for a while. That is not going to change my opinion of his acting. If he wants to date both sexes, I wish him all the happiness. Second of all, I still think William is good-looking. Sure, I respect his prowess for acting, but if anyone can deny the fact that he has a pretty face too, then I would like to hear it. We live in a superficial society where, in many cases, looks are everything. That is a wrong mentality, but it's the truth. William has both talents and looks - he will go far. Third of all, stop emailing unless you have something substantial to say. I certainly did not mean to offend anyone with my previous message, and hopefully no one took it personally. I would be very grateful if I received mail from another william fanatic that showcased their admiration for him. No more "Respect actors for their abilities" mail; i already know that. If I want to like william for looks as well as acting skills, I will. :) This smiley face is a sign of peace in my world. Let us william fans move on to another topic to babble about. someone else can think of one :) :) :) :)

Sorry this is so long! william is lucky to have fans like you people. :)

-- (, June 06, 1999

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