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Recently I was asked to do a maintenance evaluation (Yes, I am a dreaded consultant with factory based modernization engineering and design major manufacturer experience....Not out of the salesforce) on a 4 car group of elevators that had just been "modernized". The independent company changed out controls ONLY to a Virginal Control system. Nothing else was touched on a 30 year old Westinghouse 38 machine 16 story building. In the three months since all the elevators were turned over to customer there was an average of 30 callbacks per month on the group. Problems were door related, load trips, shut-downs for no apparent reason, so many lightening strikes I feel like these cars have a personal relationship with God. It has been 3 months since the evaluation and I cannot get the elevator company to reduce the call backs to an acceptable range....People in this building can now give lessons on how to escape from elevators..So I have a two fold question....

1. What do mechanics feel an acceptable callback rate is for a 4 car 15 story group which is supposedly moderinized to acceptablility?

2. What would a mechanic say about changing only micro-processor controls? This means not replacing drive system (MG), or traveling cables, or door operators, or door interlocks, and not requiring air conditioning in the machine room with the controllers. (Deep south location that has already hit 92 degrees by first week of June.)

I have always valued the opinions of mechanics as the only true "experts" in the elevator industry and need some input on this situation.


-- S. Swett (, June 05, 1999


ok how many times can lightnig strike the same place? its like one in every 10 million or somthin of that sort time tickets say this? they got shafted if people are getting out on their own hey im not even for that one. what if someone gets hurt now the elev company and the building owner are in for it look at your log of calls .now write your amount here . if its as bad as you say get that junk out of there and mod it right. gut it all and do it again ....put good stuff on it this time call a major manufacturer you get what you pay for......

-- jag (jag, June 06, 1999.

I would recommend looking at voltage your using on westinghouse door locks and the doorlocks themselves. If your using 120 VAC, you could be experiencing intermittent openings in circuitry.

-- (, June 10, 1999.


my company does a lot of Mods.....the complete mods give a lot less trouble....for a partial mod,or a controller swap out...i would stay away from any solid state controllers....and go with a new relay logic controller..such as an O.Thompson,or an ESI.....they are not so voltage sensitive......and oh yeah thats the company i work for...its not teally mine...and consultants make work for us. sooo good luck

-- GLENN D (BONER3988, March 23, 2002.

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