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I'm answering Alice's question in a new question because I'm curious too - how many redheads are readers? Real redheads or chosen redheads, doesn't matter.

Mine (Natural Instincts Cinnaberry) came out great. I'd forgotten how reliable that color is. A nice respectable auburn.

So?? Come on, stand up and be counted!

-- never (, June 04, 1999


Of course, I was a natural redhead as a child, but living with my mother turned me gray by the time I was twelve. That was when she started doing reverse frostings on me.

Now I am a strawberry blonde, at least this week. However, I must say there is nothing in the world like being a redhead, we can get away with hissy fits just because of our hair color *grin*. It is even expected.

I have had more men tell me that their father warned them about redheads, now what the hell are these fathers saying?

-- Alice (, June 05, 1999.

I am by nature a very dark brunette. By choice, a redhead for the last seven years. The shade today will be light golden reddish blonde by L'Oreal. It has just enough gold to make my hair shimmer in the sunlight. Becoming a redhead was the smartest thing I ever did. Dallas is known for all of its bleached blonde women, I had to do something to stand out in the crowd.

-- carmen (, June 05, 1999.

I am also a redhead thanks to Natural Instincts 'Spiced Tea'. It suits my personality and generates a lot of fun comments. No more mousy blond for me!

-- Judi (, June 06, 1999.

I am a natural red head from day one! Although it is more of a light brown now, I was known for my temper! I hated being a redhead because I was ugly....freckles and all. Did not have many boyfriends. I like the shade it is now. In adulthood it has gotten me very far with the men!!

-- Jen (, June 08, 1999.

I was a natural redhead as a child, but like many people, my hair turned darker as I got older. I colored it red for about the last ten years, but recently went to what is now my natural color of black. I sure do miss being called "Courtney the redhead" though...


-- courtney (, June 08, 1999.

I started dyeing my hair red (L'Oreal's Preference, Medium Auburn) last August. I'm a dark blonde by nature, was a tow-headed child (especially in the summertime). I have very dark, thick eyebrows but several of my friends still insist I'm a "blonde" (read: stupid) at heart (a bitter brunette friend particularly revels in this stereotype). This really bugs me, to the point that I would gladly pull down my pants and prove ONCE AND FOR ALL, that I am not a true blonde. Sheesh.

Glad to be a redhead, but the dye really dries out my long hair, especially the ends.

-- Denise, (, June 23, 1999.

I used to have the standard Northern haircolor that is bit wrong to be called blond, but too light for being anything else.

I really like the Asian blue-black hair, but on myself that colour would look weird - so I am a redhead now...

Even if my subordinates insist that "your crest has gone red from anger again" I actually think my love for red hair comes from bookish childhood. Pipi the Longstocking used to be my great hero...

Of course, I had other literary favorites also, but they all happened to be either males (Mowgly,Last of the Mohicans, Gavroche) or animals (White Fang, Lobo and others )...

-- Aet Tunissoo (, August 04, 1999.

I too am a natural redhead from birth and damn proud of it! My sometimes fiery and unforgiving temperament is expected and almost always forgiven because of the genetics that gave my red mane. We redheads should stand tall and be proud - we are set apart from the rest of the blonde and brunette world and can surely make heads turn as we stand out in that crowd!

-- Celeste (, August 24, 1999.


I am soooo glad I am not a mousy people pleasy blonde anymore!

Reds have attitude--Reds say how they feel--Reds ROCK

-- Lee (, May 11, 2001.

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