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I recorded an .inp for Nemesis some time ago (it's been at 1st place for some time). I recorded it with my cousin's joypad. Well, I found out that keeping pressed the fire button I had a sort of autofire, even if that joypad hasn't any autofire switch. My question is: is my recording illegal or not, since I didn't really turned autofire on?

-- El Vaz (, June 04, 1999


I don't believe autofire is strictly banned, is it? It's probably frowned upon. I know some games will give you carpel tunnel if you plan on getting a first marp score without autofire, vanguard is one example.

Is autofire a "technique" to be banned?

I actually think playing games with autofire is more enjoyable, and sometimes more fun to watch playback. Almost as if there should be a separate scoreing one using autofire and one not, since they are two different ways to play.

p.s. this is more of a question than an answer.

-- Chad (, June 04, 1999.

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