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I'm just getting ready to go online, downloaded IE5 to check to see if it's compatable and have found what appears to be a problem. When I place my order I get sent to the confirmation page but the only thing that displays is the header. No confirmation printout or footer. My cart is emptied and I'm sent the confirmations in E-mail but not print out of "you have successfully ordered the following"

Anyone have any Ideas?




-- Rick Clevenger (, June 02, 1999



Are you useing both the "buy1" and "buy2" commands in secure. If not you should be. If when you click "buy2" and you have problems and "buy1" is not secure it sound like you are loosing your cart when you go secure. If "buy1" is secure you should not have a problem with "buy2" you would have the problem with "buy1" when that goes secure. If you can post a little more information we can try to find a fix.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 10, 1999.

In reply to your answer I did have a mistake in that one of my check out buttons went to a non secure buy1 and the other went to a secure buy1, however it was not a problem with a lost cart. The order would process, the E-mails would be sent out but on the confirm page the information didn't print out. I moved the subroutine &list_items to immediately follow the &print_header command in buy2 and now it seems to work fine. Thanks for the response.


-- Rick Clevenger (, June 10, 1999.

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