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Just recently used Rodinal w/ PanFPlus (120), and now, have lots of Rodinal left over. I'm looking for info on processing 120 FP4 w/ Rodinal. Thanks in advance

-- Debra Rozin (, June 02, 1999


Debra: I don't use Rodinal but the following source may have what you are looking for. I keep this URL bookmarked and refer to it often. The charts provide an excellent source of reference information on all types of film/developer combinations.

For your infomation I use Xtol exclusively and some of my very finest negatives are 120PanF and Xtol.

Good luck.


-- Robert Bedwell (, June 03, 1999.

I've not used rodinal with Fp4 but have been printing some wonderful negatives my friend shoots on Agfa APX100. Rodinal 1:25 for a little more than the 8 minutes I believe is suggested. The skin tones are smooth with detail in both shadows and highlights. Especially good for commerical portraits. The negatives print will on both dicroic and condensor enlargers. I've tried often but never gotten great results using Rodinal with 400 asa Tri-x It looked better if rated at 800-1600 with additional time in the developer but D:76 2:1 still has me in it's grasp for all around use with Tri-X especially if I rate it at 100 and just wave it over the fumes of the develo

-- paul currier (, June 18, 1999.

Debra, I soup medium format in Rodinal and small format in Xtol. I use FP4, AGFA 100/400 and Tri-X. You can find developing times at For FP4 and Rodinal 1:50, 8.5 min. at 68F is ref. at the web site with a small tank. The time may be a misprint. Look at similar films with Rodinal and Xtol. I used 13 min and it worked fine.

-- Richard Jepsen (, June 23, 1999.

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