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We've a fully integrated S-Mart (named SCartFree) available for our Free Shopping Cart Network. We currently do not sell/distribute the source, but will host it for you on our server for free. Please check out at http://www.p-kotech.com/scart.html

Here's the features being added in our Shopping Cart Network Version: * SSL Secure Server Transaction * Verza, Payment Net, iCheck Real-time credit card/checks processing * File Manager for upload graphics/edit config files * Sorted Categories * Customizable color, header, footer, & frontpage * Empty Cart button * Password protection for Admin Manager (encrypted password, and log IP address) * Credit Card Verification * Payment Method Credit Card/ Check / Money Order options * Options Menu added (Size, Color, Choice, or more) * Remove a specific Tracking record option * Auto index refer to script(don't need to type the scart.cgi, just http://www.youdomain.com) * PGP (for US residence only, commerce license required)

Our Free Shopping Cart Network is Free, but there is a $10 one-time setup cost for all our shopping cart package to avoid abuse of usage.

Please order at http://www.p-kotech.com/order/

-- Karen Liu (karenliu@p-kotech.com), June 02, 1999


People come here looking for answers to problems with this script and to gain insight or make suggestions as to how to improve it. Now if you want to contribute, by letting us all in on your triumphs tweaking the S-mart script, then by all means, let's see the code. On the other hand, we DO NOT come here to be SPAMMED! If that's all you're here for, GET LOST! Sincerely, DJ.

-- D Jones (netman@canada.com), June 08, 1999.

Well..if you think we've spammed the list, then we apologizy for how you feel. We are just trying to "help" the people who like this script, but really can't get what they want to be working. Our service is Free. You don't even need that $10 setup fee if you cancel it within 30 days.

We've spent weeks to debug the script and get it works, and have installed serveral other modules in order to get the new features working. Our version most likely won't be working on other servers so we can't really release the source code. (yeah..can't guarantee to have it works on your server)

Well..if you want to give it a try, then go ahead. If not, please ignore this post.

We just want to tell you that "Yeah..S-Mart CAN have these Features! So Don't Give Up! It's just a matter of effort"

-- Karen Liu (karenliu@p-kotech.com), June 08, 1999.

I fully agree with p-kotech. I have spent hundreds of hours programming S-Mart and essentially have re-written it with integrations into my accounting system and other advanced type search functions which relate to my industry. I'm quite sure that my script would not function on anyone else's machine since most of the variables and files needed have changed. I repeatedly get requests to "give up" my script to others who like the features. I do not feel any obligation what-so-ever to do this after investing hundreds of hours of my time making this script fully customized. I am always happy to give assistance to other members who may be struggling with getting things to work as I did when I initially started using this script. In fact, I got so frustrated that I gave Barry (the author) $150 to set it up for me. Now, you tell me this, is the $10 they are charging all that high? I didn't think so. So, if you are looking for a hand-out and mad when I won't give it to then don't expect any help with your problems. If however you would like help with ideas and functions of the script and are wanting to participate in the process, I am always happy to help. Just don't whine when you don't want to do any work but want to get the fruits of the labor.

So, in summary, I am in full support of p-kotech. Yes, we should help one another out, but telling someone to give away the many hours they have put into something is just simply not right.


-- BP (bppilot@aol.com), June 08, 1999.

I find this thread sort of humorous. How about Barry who toiled for many a day and night on the basic S-Mart script? OK. I have yet to get it working, gave up, tried others and then came back via Barry's reincarnation through I-Transact...and...sadly...still can't get it to work, unlike Selena Sol's Web Store and commerce.cgi. Anyway, the point is this. Whether or not you paid Barry a few dollars to install the script, you still benefited from the basic S-Mart script. At least you had something to tweak.

-- dennis (checkin@checksoftware.com), September 11, 1999.

Dennis -

Yes, you are right. I talk about spending a lot of hours on this script and not just "giving away" that effort. And it is also a fact that as you say, "at least you had something to tweak" for which Barry deserves the credit. That is very true. Barry is the creator of this script and deserves credit, thanks, and recognition for his efforts. He truly came up with a top-knotch script which I know I for one am grateful for. I know for a fact that I could not have written it as well as he did from the ground up. There have simply been a number of features which people wanted that weren't in the original script which have been added in by others due to lack of available time by Barry.

It seems that you are frustrated that you can't get this to program to work and are critical that those of us who do have it running won't set up your online store for you. Like I said in my original post, and have repeated time and time again, I am always happy to help people get things up and going. I needed help when I started out as have others. It is just a matter of presenting me with a problem and asking for assistance. I have very little free time on my hands so it may take a few days for me to get to your problem, but I will always help.

If you are frustrated or feel that anyone here is "ungrateful" for the original work that Barry created that is simply not the case. We are all here together benefiting from his original work which he deserves 100% credit for. We are all here for one common purpose - to help one another out. Not to criticize or give out everything and anything for free without effort by all parties involved - it is a two way street of give and take which makes this this whole process work. In the end, everyone benefits from being friendly and helpful towards one another.

-- BP (bppilot@aol.com), September 12, 1999.

Why is everyone that is posting to this thread having a "I got the last word" session?

Don't you people realize that after your through venting frustrations and explaining every minor detail of your reasons for posting, your words are STILL going to be seen for YEARS to come! I am writing this in the year 2000 and I'm sure someone down the road will read this as well. Why not do us all a favor and just read the other postings and if you have a solution to something, give a quick answer or link...not a argument fest. If you don't have something usefull to say or give, there's no need to throw some words out just because a keyboard is there. I don't even need to be writing this either because there's no actual solutions from me to this script (S-Mart), but SOMEBODY has got to tell it like it is! Now keep to the script and Bye!

-- Diva (mama@alnisaa.com), February 19, 2000.

Same goes for you silly !!! :P

-- same2u (same@toU.com), June 21, 2000.

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