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Hi all!

When I put in an item name it seems to get chopped off when put into the emails. I can not figure out where this is hapening but need to find it to make it larger. Any help would be great!!!

-- Scott Bakalor (, June 02, 1999



In your "s-mart.cgi" file find the mail program there will be two sections one for "realname" that is for the customer and "recipient" that is your e-mail with the order. You have to make the changes in both. Look for.

# Open The Mail Program open(MAIL,"|$mailprog -t")

Fifteen lines below that find.

print MAIL sprintf "%-28.28s", "Item Name"; print MAIL sprintf "%14.14s", "Item Price"; print MAIL sprintf "%10.10s", "Quantity"; print MAIL sprintf "%18.18s", "Item Total";

The numbers are what you have to change. Count your longest item line and add a couple more to that then change the numbers to what you need run a test to check if you need more add a little more on. Then change the other section and change that remember to do both.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 10, 1999.

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