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I thought you might like to check out my new site of B&W photographs taken around New York City. There are 16 pages (3 photos per page). Please share your thoughts.

Site address:

The site address is CASE SENSATIVE.

Thanks, Chris

-- Chris Nicolella (, June 02, 1999


Your site's WAY too slow. Three comments that should help:

1. Image files are way too big (100k plus) and can be cut in half without losing quality. Adobe ImageReady or some other similar tool will do it fast and easily.

2. Lose the animated gif. It's a download hog and unnecesarily uses users' system resources.

3. You have a problem with frames nesting within duplicate frames as you move from page to page. This needs to be fixed.

Good l

-- Mason Resnick (, June 02, 1999.

I've reduced the picture size on all pages and each page is faster to downloading. I am unable to recreate the nesting problem you encountered and have emailed customer support at for an explanation.

-- Chris Nicolella (, June 02, 1999.

Page 12 timed out on me. This might have been a 'slow internet' problem. Page 10 gave me a frame-within-a-frame, i.e. the Xoom banner apeared twice at the top. On that page 'Jock Ballet' wouldn't show.

For my taste, the pictures have over-elaborate frames and captions, and the quality of the images gets overshadowed.

-- Alan Gibson (, June 07, 1999.

He must have fixed the problems, because all loaded pretty quickly for me and there was no animation or frames. I looked at the "places" section and liked "Subway Life" and "Bridge 1". The quality of the scans or the prints is not great, because the tones are muddy but the contents of the pictures are good. I hated the background image. Very distracting.

-- Jay Arraich (, October 05, 1999.

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