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Are there any special considerations or instructions when restoring databases that were backed up using 'dump database' when the databases are being replicated with other databases on the same SQL6.5 server.

Dump database can only backup one database at a time which means that each database is backed up at a different time to the other databases. So I guess if I tried to restore all these databases after a disaster that the databases could be inconsistent where replication is involved because each database was backed up at a different point in time.

More info: the databases involved in replication are both subscribers and publishers. All replication processes are on the same machine ie. publication, distribution and subscription. The reason for this set up is so that two different software packages can exchange data to each other. The software packages in question were not developed with knowledge of the other software package but due to circumstances too detailed to go into now this solution using replication came about.

Thanks, Tom

-- Anonymous, June 01, 1999



My advice is to turn off replication, restore databases, manually synch the databases, and then turn on replication.

There is an article in SQL Server Books Online titled, "Subscription Server Recovery" that may help.

Whatever you determine is the best recovery method, be sure to test it before depending on it!

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, June 04, 1999

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