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I have an 'interest only' Discount Mortgage but my lender refuses to convert my Mortgage to a Repayment Method unless I pay them six months early repayment penalty. The Society's Rules do not allow them to do this but they effectively 'blackmailing into paying or else no conversion' since my Endowment Policy has a projected shortfall; I've mentioned that they must treat customers fairly when in fiscal difficulties and I intend to pursue the matter via the Ombudsman but they refuse to give me my computer records under the Data Protection Act to build my case to the Ombudsman - are they correct in this or can I make then print-off all computer information for me to look at ?

-- D Platts (, May 29, 1999


They are in the wrong so far as I know.

Get it all in writing and complain to the Data Protection Registrar. If you haven't submitted a DPA in writing already, do it now as they have up to 40 days to reply (or not reply) before you can complain to the Data Protection Registrar.

Also, if the endowment is projected to shortfall, take it to the FSA. They are looking for lenders that have not explained the risks of endowment shortfall properly and left customers with shortfalls.

Keep me posted.


-- Lee (, May 30, 1999.

Oops. I meant contact the Personal Investment Authority:

Personal Investment Authority (PIA) 25 The North Colonnade Canary Wharf London E14 5HS Tel: 0171 676 1000

-- Lee (, May 30, 1999.

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