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I am trying to make a vcd from an existing dat file. I've converted the dat file to mpeg using iFilmEdit 1.4 and MyFlix. The mpeg file plays fine with Microsoft's media player. But when I try to create a vcd with the mpeg, i get an error message: mpeg file unsupported Does anyone know how to get my mpeg file into the right format in order to make a vcd? I am using EZ CD CReator deluxe 3.5 Thanks for all the help. Mike

-- Mike Cabusi (, May 29, 1999


Try to look from VCD Creator which MCI is installed (Mpg driver) I had the same problemo cauz My Creative DrX2 Mpg MCI was isntalled... Try to use XING mpg player driver. It4s working fine with me.... Hope It Worked

-- Sam The Man (, May 30, 1999.

Another thing to try, is using NTI CD-Maker to create your VideoCD. The program itself is less sophisticated that Adaptec Easy CD Creator, but all it requires is for the files to be valid mpeg1 files. This means that ANY mpeg1 file you have (even if it does not fully comply with the Whitebook 2.0 standard) will be put in the VideoCD. I have a similar problem with the *.mpg files created using my Dazzle DVC video capuring device; they are valid MPG1 files, but are not in the Whitebook 2.0 standard. By using NTI CD-Maker, I can put files into my VCD of far better quality than the Whitebook standard allows, and they look much better when played into my DVD player.

-- Gil (, June 01, 1999.

I figured it out. Thanks to everyone for their replies, but nothing worked. After about 5 days of pulling my hair out, I finally got the right format. Don't ask how I got it, but CD Creator (making a VCD) will only accept an encoded (VCD-NTSC)mpeg file encoded with none other than that friggin, hella expensive program, Xing Encoder. Thanks again for all your help. Mike

-- Mike Cabusi (, June 02, 1999.

I got the same problem...then i used xing4s mpeg encoder and re encoded the file and now the sound and motion isn4t synch anymore please help i dunno what to do!!! I got that problem with futurama episode 1....and 9 even i downloaded these episodes from 3 different servers and none was able to b burned as a vcd

-- FonKEYonE (, June 13, 1999.

I have learned this interesting lesson after working on a project to convert a VHS tape into VCD format. That, using Xing (Panasonic) encoder to convert *.avi files to Video-NTSC files (mpg?) then Adaptec Video CD in EZCD v3.5C will allow you to burn the CD-R. However, these files above is not comply with WhiteBook 2.0 standard; therefore, NTI CD-maker Pro will not recognize them. Thus, your option is only EZCD Video CD.

However, if you use any other encoder to make a fully WhiteBook 2.0 standards this also include Xing (but output to a *.mpeg1 file) then you can use NTI CD-maker Pro to make VCD from these files. But, these files are not compatible with EZCD v3.5c Video CD.

Welcome to the world of VCD. Where everything is so un-standardized. This Video CD thing does take alot of your time for the learning curve!!!

Well, good luck...I still have to figure out which proper CD-media to use for my Panasonic-A120 DVD player to play VCD. Wish me luck and alot waste CD's. Anyone has this infor would help a great deal and time:::)))

-- Steve (, January 20, 2000.

I have used iFilmEdit 1.4. I think you need to choose the video cd in the perference which in your menu bar. Then you can record the mpeg again. If you can't choose the video cd option, your mpeg file may have some error (e.g wrong system clock reference ... )

I hope it can help you.

-- Ian Wong (, January 27, 2000.

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