(5/28/99) tfletch's Daily Y2k Report

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For anyone who is interested . . . tfletch's Daily Y2k Report: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lab/7404/index.htm

Today's News: 5-28-99 Y2k ( Year 2000 , Millenium Bug ) News Report

A Veteran's Perspective on Y2k ... Fed Proposes Y2K Loans to Banks ... Fire in the sky - The other Y2k problem ... Hardware giants form Y2K PC alliance ... Home care agency to draw up patient plan for Y2K ... I got it, I got it, I ain't got it. ... Leaders Grapple With Y2K Problems on Navajo Reservation ... Leadership from Government, Media Called for at Senate Y2K Hearing ... Linked telecom infrastructure could pose Y2K risks ... Market Partners Releases Y2K Poll on Financial Services ... More navy war College Y2k Stuff - Fascinating Analysis ... Simulations & Drills to Prepare For Y2K ... Venezuela Faces $1.5 Billion Y2K Computer Problem ... Venezuela Has Done Nothing to Fix Y2K, Says Government ... Y2K and New Year's Celebrations - Perhaps a Deadly Mix ... Y2K to keep elections offices closed for five days ... Y2K Update - Asia ... Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project - Naval War College ...

-- Tracy Fletcher (y2k_tfletch@geocities.com), May 28, 1999

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