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As part of my studies I need information on 'transpersonal crisis'. A concise, yet fairly comprehensive article would be most bodacious. Can you help me find such a thing?

-- Perry Stephens (, May 28, 1999


GQ had an article in the August 99 issue ( I believe) having to do with David Lukoff's work with something that might be similiar to what you're looking fo

-- Doesn't Matter (, September 17, 1999.


I am doing a comprhensive search on anything transpersonal. I have accumulated many resources that may be of help for you. I just happened to brush by this web page while doing research at the library. Let me get back to you. I have loads of articles and some are pertaining to spiritual crises, spiritul emergency, or transpersonal crises - all mean the same thing to me. Some sources compare spiritual crises with the medical model "mental illness." You may find them interesting. Feel free to e-mail me also if you wish to collaborate our findings.

-- Brad Behm (, March 22, 2000.

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