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My question is did, Seaboard own any phase lll,? numbered 1900/1930, high hood, without dynamic brake's, and is pullman green and cream SeaBoard scheme correct? where their units painted citrus scheme and how meany did [they] Seaboard own? and are the numbers correct? as Im buying one GP-9 numbered 1929 phase lll thanks

-- Robert Fish (, May 28, 1999


The Seaboard owned a total of 56 units at the end of 1965.R/N 1900- 1929 and 1954-1979.The P 111 is correct for the 1929,with two 48 inch fans.These units were Pullman green,light yellow(not cream) with orange stripes.The Proto units are correct. These units were built in 1955,56,57 and 59.Long after the "Citrus" scheme was cancled on new units.

-- Joseph Oates (, May 31, 1999.

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