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I am trying to help start a swim team at the swim club I manage, but was never on a team myself. I need some ideas on where to begin. I have two of the lifeguards who work at the pool willing to coach, they were and are on swim teams, but they are not very organized. I would like information on appropriate pricing for a summer outdoor team. We are thinking of keeping things on a start up level this year and only competing against ourselves. I have lots of interest. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank You.

-- Jeannette Oyer (, May 27, 1999


Setting up a swim team, for youth or Masters swimmers is fun and challenging. What age groups are you planning to work with? Have you contacted your local YMCA for information about their YMCA and USS Swimming programs? I am sure that their Aquatic Directors and/or Swim Team coaches will be glad to help you. They even might be interested in doing a "mock meet" with your group. If you are looking for an informal start-up, choose an age group (usually ages 8+), decide if you have any pre-qualifications (such as being able to swim one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke). Practices could be as little as three to five days a week, and one to two hours at a time depending on pool availability and program structure. As for pricing is concerned, try to strike a balance between what it costs to staff the pool during practices (coaches, lifeguards,etc...) and other costs such as awards, training materials. If you offer a good program and a basic cost, you'll be more likely to attract swimmers. As your program develops, and incures more expenses, work on an annual budget to provide stability. Group fundraisers such as "aquathons" are popular too.There are many sites on-line that offer workout tips and workout books are available too. Check your local library or once again, call your local YMCA! Good luck!

-- Amanda Shelmerdine (, June 16, 1999.

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