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i'm interested in the new 6x7 but have no experiece with the older model are there really many improvements in the new cameraa i'm a large format photographer for 20 + years have used blads but still like the larger neg i would appreciate any feed back thanks noodl

-- lee nadel (, May 27, 1999


They solved some of the problems of the previous models but not all. The spot meter capability on the 67II was needed but the shutter shake problem of old has not been totally eliminated, from what I've heard. The lenses of the 67II are the same as the the older versions and have some idiosyncrasies that Pentax needs to reconcile. I am in no hurry to buy the 67II given the price vs added benefits. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (, May 28, 1999.

I have 67 II, and can say that I cannot feel or notice any shutter vibration. My longest lens is 200 and I use tripod all the time (manfrotto 055 NAT) and I did not find any problem. I am not able to compare it with old 67 as I have not use one.

-- Pavel Medek (, June 03, 1999.

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