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I live in Athens, GA & have observed freight cars on a south-bound line running from Athens to Macon. I've also driven this route (441 or 129 south) which parallels the railroad for the entire distance. Somewhere past Watkinsville or Bishop, the rail-line appears non-operational.

Can you suggest an online source (or other source) that identifies active rail lines in Georgia?

This same line was also used at one point by UGA alumni during fall home games at Sanford Stadium. Perhaps they leased/rented the train from Atlanta?

You may find the following link interesting: contains old maps of various rail-lines.

thank you & apologies for the length of my message.

-- Robert Braden Burns (, May 27, 1999


Just within the last month or so, Steam Powered Video has released its Ga/Fl/SC Rail Atlas. I bought a copy from one of the book sellers in "TRAINS", but some hobby shops may have them also. These regional Atlases go into great detail showing live and aba ndoned routes with station stops, etc. The lines are identifyed by an index in the back. I highly recommended it.

-- Greg Hodges (, September 26, 1999.

Rob, I can help answer part of your question. The line from Athens to Bishop is the former Central of Georgia Madison District from Mogul, GA to Athens, GA. As you know the line is out of service between Bishop and Madison. Local freight 8 would leave Macon, GA to work north and local freight 7 would leave Athens to work south. The line is now worked from the north end on the former Southern Railway Lula, GA to Athens, GA line. As for what traffic is left on it I don't know for sure. A good source for additional information would be Lewis Collier who runs Memory Station in Watkinsville, GA. His store is located right on 441 south of Watkinsville. I think that service ended between Bishop and Madison sometime in 1987 but Lewis would know for sure. I am interested in this line so let me know if you come across any other info. You might also check the Central of Georgia Historical Society web site at ( I hope that this could be of use to you. Justin Dzan, Louisville, KY

-- Justin Dzan (, December 19, 2000.

Robert, I forgot to mention in my last posting that the state of Georgia highway maps available at welcome centers are a great source of active and inactive rail lines. They also list the owning railroad in most cases. Justin Dzan

-- Justin Dzan (, December 19, 2000.

If you want I can send you the latest timetable if you want it.I have been emplyoed for 28 years and hired on by Southern RR. The timetable will tell you mile post and what is what. Leave me your home address and will send it to you.I might be a little slow but promise to get it to you...Wayne

-- frecrick wayne eason (, February 10, 2001.

Robert you can also go to and order their professional railroad atlas of north america for $74.95. It has detailed maps of all rail lines of US, Canada, and Mexico.

-- Justin Dzan (, April 24, 2001.

Robert, The Georgia Department of Transportation annually publishes a map showing all the active rail lines in Georgia and who operates them. These free maps can be obtained from the GDOT district office or the main office in downtown Atlanta adjacent to the capitol. I seem to remember an online map as well somewhere on the GDOT website at m but now I only see a table showing each company and subsequent mileage.

-- Eric Rickert (, October 06, 2001.

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