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I am currently studying Primary Teaching at uni and am staking at PE subject at the moment. I was wondering if anyone knew of resources (net or otherwise) to help me make a unit of work based on ball skills for 4 weeks. Thanks

-- Nikkie (, May 27, 1999


Try a book called "Sport It" - it is an excellent resource (most primary Schools tend to use it). It has sequential activities focussing on the development of basic skills through to their application in minor / mini game situations.

Alternately, the Aussie Sportsfun manual is a slightly more structured resource which has developed lessons around a variety of game- based skills (based on the Aussie sport / modified sport for young children philosophy).

There is also a great kit called Action pact - availbale from Ashton Scholastic at arounf $200 per kit - if you have contacts in Primary schools they may have this.

This is assuming that you can access these reources of course.

Hope that this helps,

Craig maher

-- Craig Maher (, June 23, 1999.

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