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I recently received the new book on the SAL from the TLC Publishing Company and am looking forward to the ACL book. I always felt that these two railroads (and, of course, the Florida East Coast!) were among the most colorful of all U.S. railroads, but the preponderance of black and white photos in the SAL book doesn't allow this colorfulness of the SAL to be seen and appreciated. I hope the ACL book will have more color photos. I guess I was spoiled: When I think back to the days when those purple and silver ACL engines (and heavyweight cars) were common in the Southeast, I can never fully appreciate the black, lifeless color scheme of ACL's diesels of later years. Also, if I could make the suggestion, let's have more of the color of the SAL and the ACL in those calendars! There must be more color photos of these colorful diesels, clean, not dirty, old and worn. Does anyone out there share my views?

-- Donald Bennett Krummrich (, May 26, 1999


Response to Comments on new book about the SAL

When we are willing to pay the price for books full of color photos they will be published. Color is not exactly cheap. An alternative is to collect as many individual slides of colorful locomotives as can be afforded.

-- Riley Kinney (, May 28, 1999.

Response to Comments on new book about the SAL

The ACL passenger book will have about 16 pages of color photos, both trains and cars, and many will be in the aluminum and purple colors. The Society's year 2000 calendar will also have several nice ACL and SAL passenger views. You will also like the covers of the next issue of Lines South.

-- Larry Goolsby (, May 27, 1999.

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