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Does Anyone know of any new technology that would be useful for Service Departments IE, callback reduction,Some examples would be Proximity switches to replace mechanical brake switches, PLC technology for adding features to existing relay systems ect. Any Ideas would be appreciated! By the way this is my first time on the site and I think this is great. I love seeing Elevator men helping other Elevator men with there problems and concerns. Keep it up! AJ

-- Artie Johnn (, May 26, 1999


My company (Vertical Analysis... has developed a remote monitoring system that is designed to overlay ralay or microprocessor controllers. We use it predominantly for escalators to monitor fault conditions, but it is just as applicable to elevators and other equipment. In addition to monitoring upto 200 points, it also has the ability to add features such as manual reset. All our data is streamed to our website, and we can autonotify using SMS, email, or alphapage.

Often by reviewing fault history you can pin-point problems that would otherwise remain elusive. Furthermore, in many cases you can decide what type of action to take... for example in some cases it is ok to have trained security personnel restart an escalator, whereas in others you would definately want to dispatch a mechanic

-- Steve Hope (, March 24, 2003.

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