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Does anyone yet have an answer to the question regarding whether or not it is possible to print color again after using the grey cartridges in the Epson Photo EX? It would almost be worth it to have 2 printers, one exclusively for B&W, if the results are what I'd imagine them to be.

-- Mike Nixon (, May 26, 1999


After reading about this issue in this forum, I put much the same question to MIS Supplies via their website. They replied that colour cartridges can be used again, but the system may need bleeding (ie. you might have to print some colour pages to flush out the remaining traces of monotone inks.)

An additional complication (not mentioned by them) is that I understand from a magazine review that the new Epson Stylus Photo 1200 (I think this is the model name) will not allow you to remove an existing cartridge until it is empty - potentially forcing you to be locked into one or other cartridges for as long as they are holding ink. Something worth double checking if you are looking at doing this with an Epson printer.

-- Mark Wilson (, June 12, 1999.

Not true. Read your manual for the replacement procedure for an out of date cartridge.

-- Takichi Maertz (, September 28, 1999.

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