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Hi I will try to expose some KONICA INFRARED 750nm films. I need help for the first time to expose (xxASA?) and develope the film. Normally I use ID11. Thanks (Bobbo)

-- Hans-Josef Bongard (Bongard@mpi-muelheim.mpg.de), May 26, 1999


Response to Infrared

I have just started playing with some of this film. I have rated it at 32asa and developed it in Ilford Ilfotec LC29. The Konica documentation suggests 1/60th sec @ f5.6 in bright sunshine with a Red (25A) Filter. I found those values to be pretty good, adjusting maybe by 1 stop at times. Interestingly, my meter suggested this value anyway for the 32asa setting. In my endevours to find a development time I came across a site with suggested times for all sorts of film/developer combinations including Konica IR 750nm. They didn't have a time for my developer. For ID-11 they quoted 6 minutes but didn't quote what asa rating that was for. the site is at THE MASSIVE B/W FILM & DEV CHART

My 1st roll suffered from recircilation as I think the wash stage changed temperature although a roll of FP4 I developed at the same time came out fine. I suggest you watch your temperatures closely. My second roll was fine, and I liked it so much I went and bought another 4 rolls :) Good luck with your trials

-- Nigel Smith (nlandgl@eisa.net.au), May 27, 1999.

Response to Infrared

Use the recommended exposure of 1/60 at f5.6 with a 25 filter as a starting point. Use the development time for plus-x 120 film as a starting point. If your film is like the batch I got, there is no information in the box. I contacted Konica and they sent me the technical sheet for 750 and I can fax it to you if you would like.

-- Gene Crumpler (nikonguy@worldnet.att.net), May 27, 1999.

Response to Infrared

The ASA of 32 is for without a filter. The red filter (R25) loses 2 stops, so you will need to rate the film at ASA 8, with the filter. I process this film in D76 undiluted for 6 min. The film has a wonderful characteristic, and is available in 120. But it is very slow, and is not a real IR film. Kodak HIE is the only one that will give you the 'full' IR effect.


-- Mike W. (mbworld@adan.kingston.net), May 30, 1999.

Response to Infrared

I used Xtol at 6 or 6.5 minutes, 68F (can't remember right off the top of my head).

What I do is rate the film at ASA 100, then adjust for the filter. B+W 092 (ASA 12) gives the best effect, extremely close to Kodak HIE. Also, Ilford sells an opaque filter specifically for their film, and it should be fine for Konica. B+W 091 (ASA 25) (for my neck of the woods) gives good tonal seperation between deciduous trees (white) and connifers (grey).

When I used just a red filter the film was nearly completely uninteresting. I only got deciduous trees looking white.

Another thing I do is bracket two stops up and down, but usually my first shot is right on. I shoot with 120 on 6x7, and I shoot two rolls per scene. On both rolls I shoot a sequence each with 091 and 092, and I process one roll N and the other at N-1. Don't bother pushing these films. There just won't be anything there. If you absolutely have to have the speed, use Kodak HIE.

-- Brian C. Miller (brianm@ioconcepts.com), June 09, 1999.

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