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Can you tell me of any important historical/famous trains that ran through Wingate University, North Carolina?

Are there any interesting historical facts surrounding the Wingate University site?

-- Chrystal Kaysen (, May 26, 1999


Wingate is on the ex-Seaboard Air Line RR Hamlet-Atlanta line. The best-known passenger train on that route in recent times was the Silver Comet. I'm going on memory here, but I believe it was discontinued in 1969. Other name trains (back in the 1940s and earlier) were the Cotton States Special and the Robert E. Lee - again, if memory serves. There are several books that give details on SAL passenger trains, the newest one being "Seaboard Air Line RR, The Route of Courteous Service," by William E. Griffin, available from the Society for $25 plus $3 shipping.

-- Larry Goolsby (, May 27, 1999.

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