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5-25-99 Y2k ( Year 2000 , Millenium Bug ) News ReportXXX 60 Minutes story blasts naive optimismXXX CompuBank Describes the Banking Industry's ProblemsXXX Council members worry services won't be Y2K-ready by Jan. 1 after hearing reportXXX Credit unions get Y2K liquidity boostXXX Emergency service groups schooled on millennium bugXXX Generating Y2K interestXXX Government to encourage local Y2K preparedness meetingsXXX John Hereward, Port Manager (Part 1 of 3)XXX John Hereward, Port Manager (Part 2 of 3)XXX John Hereward, Port Manager (Part 3 of 3)XXX Koskinen Breaks Ice For Y2K ConversationsXXX Media Spin + Y2K Burnout = Temporary Supply Line ReliefXXX Programmer Sees the Life-Threatening Implications of Corporate No Vacation PolicyXXX Seven Deadly Myths about Y2K in LatviaXXX Stock Market Sell-Off in Response to Y2K Warning from AnalystXXX Walking The Line In Y2K News CoverageXXX Y2K 'conversations' aim to dispel mythsXXX Y2K Readiness Not Assured At Criminal Justice AgenciesXXX

-- Tracy Fletcher (, May 26, 1999

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